Our Story (Video)

Video Transcript:

[Announcer] The National Education Foundation is a donation funded not-for-profit organization dedicated to enhancing public education for Nassau County Florida. The Nassau Education Foundation raises money through corporate sponsorships and community donations to fund a teacher’s grants program in support of innovative projects that enhance the educational experience. It works like this:

[Kim Lunt] The teachers apply for grants. Our process is an application that is read by panelists.
There is a rubric with that they are scored by and they are selected by their
score. The highest scored grants are awarded by school.

[Julie McGuinnes] The National Education Foundation participates in a matching grant program with the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations. Each year, CFEF provides the opportunity for foundations throughout the state of Florida to apply for matching grants. The matching grants are awarded in several categories. In Nassau County we’ve applied and been awarded grants for Career and Technical Education, Robotics, STEM, and teacher quality.

Since 2015 the National Education Foundation has awarded over one hundred and forty nine thousand dollars in grant funds through this program and it has benefited all of Nassau County Schools in one way or another.

[Announcer] In less than three years we have raised and distributed nearly three hundred thousand dollars in classroom and matching grants. We are proud of our accomplishments but we want to grow even more. Tax funding fails to keep pace with technology, especially in the field of robotics. We want to fill that gap and lead the state in high-tech learning. We also want to provide financial assistance to the under-served adult populations in career learning and GED programs. Our fundraising events have centered on our annual Teacher of the Year Gala that recognizes all teachers and celebrates the announcement of the Nassau County Teacher of the Year. But to achieve our vision for enhanced education we must seek addition funding.

[Abby Bean] Hi my name is Abby Bean and I serve as the Executive Director of the Nassau Education Foundation. I want to thank all of our donors for their support. Each year, the Foundation sets ambitious goals to enhance the educational experience in Nassau County. But we think the future of our children and community is worth that investment.

[Announcer] Please join us and support our teachers and students for more information on how you can help our teachers and students

Please visit our website at www.nassaueducationfoundation.org and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.